Shit Show Demo

by Big Whoop

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released January 7, 2013



all rights reserved


Big Whoop Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: What Happened to My Brain?
I dont know what happened to my brain, my brain
Do yu know what happened to my brain, my brain
Tell me what has happened to my brain, my brain

All these things have happened to my brain, my brain
Now there's nothing happening in my brain, my brain
I don't know what happened to my brain
Track Name: I Am I
What we think what we believe
Things are not the way they seem
Old secrets of our past
Mysteries we pray will last
I see yu, yu see me
There is much we dont perceive
Where I end and yu begin
Draw the line again and again
What we sense of ourselves
Splinters off the tales we tell
My mind strays to all extremes
I am I or I'm nothing
Track Name: Altered State
When I'm drinkin
I'm thinkin
My mind is racin

When I'm smokin
I'm floatin
My mind is vacant

When I'm trippin
I'm slippin
My mind is ancient

When I'm dreamin
My mind is sacred
Track Name: Easton
Easton I know its early
but its like fuckin 12 oclock
Easton I know its really hard
but its time to get up

Ive been making breakfast everyday
Since Ive been home
There has to be another way
I'll put some coffee on

Easton yu know I love yu
But dude its getting late
Easton yu are my brother
Quit acting fuckin lame

Its yr turn to make some eggs
A little bacon too
I would appreciate
But Im not making yu
Track Name: Mind Yr Manners
Mind yr manners
Yes maam no maan
Mind yr manners
Wash yr damn hands

Ps and Qs boy
Clean yr damn plate
Stand up straight now
Act yr own age

Mind yr manners
Yes maam no maam
Mind yr manners
Wash yr damn hands
Track Name: No Big Whoop
no big whoop
thanks a mil
real nice talk
whats yr deal

yeah no duh
go to bed
no big whoop
what you said

who are you
oh thats cool
whats yr name
no big whoop

no big whoop
pay yr dues
go on now
stay back dude